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The company Winterberg & Knapp GmbH was founded in 1989 by merging both family businesses, Johann Winterberg and Volker Knapp. As medium sized business our company has specialised in the production of many connecting elements for roof and facade construction.

The main products are sealing discs and saddle washers with vulcanised rubber for facade construction and the automobile industry.

The coating, or vulcanisation, is made in-house. Heavy duty quality products are developed in one step. We produce to your specifications, to DIN, design or sample: size, material thickness, thickness of the coating, EPDM or neoprene rubber (CR) - there are many options.

Our machinery, including modern CNC machines, is operated by experienced employees. Basis and requirement for the economical production is the manufacture of cutting machines in our own factory. A guarantee for our adherence to delivery times, flexibility and quick delivery. The responsibility for both our tools and end products is on us. And that's for the benefit of the customers.

Our products are subject to strict testing procedures during manufacture and on the end product. Our quality assurance works pursuant to DIN ISO 9001.2000.

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What we can do:

Tool Construction

Development and manufacture of cutting tools in-house. This enables us to respond flexibly to your construction wishes. When it comes to special requests, new developments and problem solving we'll gladly give you a hand.



Our approx. 1000m2 warehouse contains all common sealing elements. This means for you that a flexible and on-schedule delivery by lorry, hauliers or express is provided.

Plastic Technology

6 injection moulding machines for the production of plastic products for facade engineering.

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