Solar Saddle Washers for Solar Roof Installations

The secure attachment for photovoltaic roof installations.

The solar saddle washers in aluminium are a further development from the standard saddle washers.

They are firmly attached to a threaded bushing M10 and can be processed quickly and easily. The brand new solar saddle washers were specially developed for the solar industry. They guarantee you a secure, impermeable and quick assembly of solar and photovoltaic roof installations on trapezoidal steel sheets. The saddle washer is suitable for the direct assembly on steel sheets from 0.63 mm. Ideal for halls with large purlin/rafter spaces as no attachment to the supporting structure is necessary. This means freely selectable positions and therefore quicker assembly when refitting solar installations. The solar saddle washers are screwed directly into the trapezoidal sheet with 4 drilling screws. From a chord width of 42mm (Saddle Washer 50) with 2 more screws on the top chord.


Immediately available in nature for profile 35/207, 40/183, 45/333, 50/250 , 45/150 Sollux , 26/15 70/18 sheet piling and for the wave profiles 76/18 and 177/55

Your Advantages:

  • freely selectable assembly and positioning on the trapezoidal sheet-top chord
  • no disassembly of existing attachment

Technical Aspects:

  • longer arms and wider supports
  • lateral reinforcement and integrated seal
  • stainless steel blind rivet nut with larger (19mm) collar
  • 4 lateral holes suitable for the attachment with drilling screws 4.8mm


If you have questions about our products or a personal desire appointment, you can contact us anytime.


Dimensions and Technical Data

Solar Saddle Washers
Trapezoidal Form Chord Width Angle Width
150-45 # 30-153 25 27 49 mm
32-35 32 35 49 mm
SABTL 75 36 40 49 mm
35-207 41 32 49 mm
40 -183 41 17 49 mm
E 50 54 32 49 mm
26-15 26 15 49 mm
Spundwand 70/18 26 50 49 mm
45-17 45 17 49 mm
Solar Saddle Washers
Wave Form Radius F B
18-76 R 24 49 mm
18-76 R 48 49 mm
  • All products with inner hole 13mm for hanger bolt attachment
  • or with press fit sleeve with thread M10

Kalotte Solarbefestiger

  • High strength, especially with pulling and shearing forces
  • 4 point attachment and sealing with sealing discs
  • Quick assembly, with freely selectable positioning on top chord
  • No interference with existing sealings/attachments (with refitting)
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